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The Relationist is an initiative of

The key concepts underlying a relationist approach to politics and economics are thoroughly rooted in a Christian worldview, having grown out of the work of the

over many years of applying Biblical insights to public policy. Christians expect life to be fundamentally relational because they recognise that God is relational, in the sense of being One God who is also three persons (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) in perfect relationship; and the Christian faith is focussed on right relationships — expressed through love both for this relational God and for our neighbour — and on the restoration of broken relationships through the death of Jesus.

But the approach is not exclusively or dogmatically Christian. The key role that relationships play in human wellbeing has been empirically verified, and is recognised implicitly in many other cultures and worldviews. Far from being religious, the distinctive emphasis of a relationist approach is simply to put relationships in the foreground, demonstrating how relationships underlie many of the other goods which human beings seek and rely on, and asking questions about how policies and institutional structures promote or undermine those relationships.

Several other Associated Organisations apply this approach to specific areas: