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Relational Lens

The Relational Lens

Drawing on the authors’ combined years of experience in both private and public sector organisations, this practical book highlights the importance of relationship building between individuals, groups and organisations in diverse contexts. It will make a valuable read for business professionals and graduate students in fields as varied as change management, leadership, organisational psychology and organisational behaviour. Employing the Relational Proximity® framework, it provides tools for:

– Informing assessment of the relational impact of policy and management decisions
– Enabling evaluation of organisational relationships
– Providing a language for constructive discussion of strained relationships
– Integrating a range of models and perspectives within one process

Using real-world case studies and models, the conditions within which people are more likely to form and conduct effective relationships are also examined. This combined approach provides the language and concepts to enable constructive discussion and actionable solutions in building trust and sustainable value.

Published by Cambridge University Press, The Relational Lens looks in depth at the ideas of Relational Proximity that lie at the core of relationist thinking – particularly as it applies to organisations.