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Is Corporate Capitalism the Best We’ve Got to Offer?

The key problem for capitalism is that global networks (large companies, markets, media, systems of government) tend to be relationally unstable: that is, they create immensely influential mass relationships between stakeholder groups that motivate behaviours at variance with general wellbeing. Explore this link for more information, and the links below for details on specific current projects. 

Families and Relationships as the Unit of Wellbeing

The ways in which government organises its services and supports, relates to people, and measures ch…

Equity-Share Housing Finance — a Relational Fix for the Crisis of Housing Affordability?

UK housing, relative to income, is the most expensive it has been for several generations. Near-zero…

Future Relational Values for General Practice

Directness is a basic requirement of relational proximity. Face-to-face encounters, open communicati…


Relationist thinking contributed substantially to the peaceful transition of power in South Africa in the 1990s through the Newick Park Initiative, and to the recovery of Rwanda after the genocide.  Currently relationist principles are being used in a peacebuilding process between North and South Korea.  The website will be including updates on progress.

The European Union

The underlying issue in Europe is how we’re linked together. Not just nations and the EU, but companies and investors, peoples and governments, and boards and employees.  These society-wide links are enormously powerful. And often they’re set up in a way that encourages irresponsibility, disconnection, injustice, conflict and abuse.  A relationist approach sets out a policy framework aimed at constructing institutional  relationships that work because they are fair and bring European peoples together. 


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